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Open Access Thesis

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January 2015

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Harpreet Singh


A generalized pipeline array appeared in IEEE transaction in 1974. The array appeared in a few textbooks on computer arithmetic. From time to time, a number of papers appeared which reflected the modifications of this array. The objective of this thesis is to present the design and VLSI implementation of this array, which can add, subtract, multiply, divide, square and square root of binary numbers. In this thesis, we suggest a step-by-step procedure by which the design can be sent to MOSIS and to get the fabricated chip back. The array has been extended from 5 rows to 7 rows so that the extended operations can be performed. In particular, a procedure is developed by which the design and the implementation methodologies are suitable for 40 pin and 500 nm technologies. An algorithm has been developed by which one can predict and advance the maximum size and performance of the array. In addition, to increase data processing throughput, the extension of pipelining is conducted based on the original design. It is hoped that the design and implementation done here will go a long way in the development of advanced processors.