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Open Access Thesis

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January 2015

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Nutrition and Food Science

First Advisor

Kequan Zhou


Explore traditionally used medicinal plants for diabetes mellitus would be beneficial to find an alternative option for controlling global diabetic prevalence. Present study aims to compare and identify potential antidiabetic activity in Tinospora cordifolia, Gymnema sylvestre and Aegle marmelos. Fifty percent acetone and ethyl acetate extracts of each plant were studied for anti-diabetic activity using different assays (ORAC, DPPH, ABTS, TPC, α-glucosidase inhibition). Total phenolic content and anti oxidant properties were significantly different among three plants. Tinospora cordifolia ethyl acetate extract possessed significantly higher anti oxidant activity and total phenolic content. DPPH and ABTS results were significantly correlated with each other and with TPC assay thus phenolics could be the major contributor for the antioxidant activity. Ethyl acetate fraction of gymnema possessed significantly higher α-glucosidase inhibitory effect. Overall both the ethyl acetate fraction of guduchi and 50% acetone fraction of bael showed considerably high anti-oxidative activity and total phenolic content while gymnema showed the highest potential of α-glucosidase inhibitory effect thus all these three plants could be contain potential antidiabetic activity. Further investigation should be conducted using higher sample size to confirm these observations. Anti diabetic activity of these samples could further be evaluated through animal studies