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Open Access Thesis

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January 2015

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Susanne Brummelte


There is wide variation in the current literature on rodent models of high levels of chronic stress. This study aims to reduce these discrepancies by investigating the effects of 3 different administration methods of corticosterone (CORT; the endogenous stress hormone in rodents) and the differential effects it has in the female sex. The majority of studies utilize male rodents, while research in female rodents is largely under-investigated. This study will utilize female rats and 3 different administration routes: a) subcutaneous implantation of a CORT pellet, b) CORT in the drinking water, and c) CORT by a daily subcutaneous injection, and assess its impacts on CORT levels in serum, depressive-like behavior, and levels of hippocampal neurogenesis. This study will enable researchers to better understand the effects of chronic CORT exposure in female rodents, as well as reduce the variation in current literature on the effects of CORT based on administration route.

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Psychology Commons