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Open Access Thesis

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January 2015

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Katheryn C. Maguire


A purpose of this study was to further the literature regarding the use of deceptive affection in romantic relationships. This study picks up where previous research left off in that it aimed to identify relational outcomes that may be associated with the use of deceptive affection. This study sought to identify deceptive affectionate behaviors and their role in romantic relationships. Two measures were created; a scale to measure DAMs and a scale to measure WAs, both proved to be reliable. Results from the study provided additional items to be included in the measures going forward. The study did add to the existing literature for use of DAMs and WAs, though the results were not consistent with previous research and the hypothesis. However, the results indicated that deceptive affection is negatively associated with relational outcomes. These results provide an opportunity to further explore the purpose of deceptive affection in romantic relationships.

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