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Open Access Thesis

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January 2015

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Khari R. Brown


In the United States there is still a race gap in education. Black students tend to perform less well in school on standardized tests and grades. Many black students come from low income families and do not have the same resources as middle and upper class Caucasian students. High school counselors can assist in providing support to these students by referring them to tutoring, giving them college and career advice, assisting them in applying for scholarships and to colleges. This study looks at how Black and White students feel about their high counseling experience. This research examined the Monitoring The Future study. Two thousand three hundred and thirty seven high school students were surveyed across the United States. This study found that in general African-American students are more likely to request high school counseling compared to their White counterparts. In addition,that African-American students are more likely to find counseling more helpful than white students. School counselors can help close the racial gap in education.