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Open Access Thesis

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January 2015

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Computer Science

First Advisor

Nathan Fisher


Temperature control plays an important role in building control systems; there are

numerous methods for controlling temperature. Recently, a popular controller is the

lazy controller which proposed by Truong et al. However, by applying lazy control, the

temperature is not stable since this controller simply lets temperature increase or decrease

until it reaches the upper or lower temperature thresholds. We seek a heater-control

schedule that can make room temperatures more stable. The Constant Bandwidth Server

(CBS) was developed to handle soft real-time tasks characterized by the execution time

and period. By employing the concepts of CBS, we can derive a CBS budget and deadline

for each room; for every budget release time, the temperature can increase/decrease

for only a bounded time with the goal of stabilizing each room's temperature. The

performance of proposed CBS method is compared with lazy controller through several

simulation experiments.