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Open Access Thesis

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January 2014

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Alyssa K. McGonagle


In accordance with the Job Demands-Resources model (Demerouti et al., 2001) and other related research (e.g. Bakker et al., 2006), the effect of overwhelming job demands to contribute to burnout can be mitigated by the presence of organizational resources and personal resources. This study examined the direct effects of three types (different perpetrators) of psychological and physical workplace aggression on burnout in teachers; as well as the moderating effects of teacher perceptions of violence prevention climate dimensions, LOC, and communal orientation in these relationships. Findings indicated that ambient physical aggression and Type III psychological aggression were significant predictors of overall burnout. Relationships between both Type II and ambient psychological aggression and burnout were moderated by perceptions of the practices and response dimension of VPC. Supplemental analyses uncovered additional main effects and moderations when examining the relationships between workplace aggression and the individual dimensions of burnout (disengagement and exhaustion).