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Open Access Thesis

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January 2014

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Nutrition and Food Science

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Ahmad R. Heydari


Through various studies of dietary nutrients on the affects of the physiological and molecular pathways are a key study in understanding the interaction between dietary nutrients and the human genome that may severely impact the development of various cancers. A primary approach is observing the dietary nutrients, that we consume and how it plays a role in the cellular pathway of our bodies through experimental methods. Folate deficiency (FD) has shown, through studies, to play a role anti-cancer progression. Our goal was to observe the autophagy related proteins in the mTOR signaling pathway as it was suggested that mTOR may induce autophagy, which in return could help reduce the progression of cancer by apoptosis of cancer cells. We anticipated to see an increase in the protein levels of autophagy related proteins, with our DMH treated FD dietary experimental group. We hypothesize that dietary restriction will increase the protein levels of autophagy proteins in the mTOR signaling pathway, acting as an anti-cancer aid.

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Nutrition Commons