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Open Access Thesis

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January 2014

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Jospeh M. Fitzgerald


The current study investigated an expanded set of everyday autobiographical memory (AM) functions as proposed by developers of the 7-function Child-Caregiver Reminiscence Scale (CRS) (Kulkofsky & Koh, 2009). The current study adapted the theoretical CRS for use with diverse, adult samples. Participants (N = 1841) from a large, urban university completed the CRS-A online over the course or two academic semesters. Validation analyses included EFA using principal axis factoring, CFA, MGCFA invariance testing, and MTMM tests of construct validity (convergent and discriminant) and method effects. Results yielded evidence for a 6- function (Conversation, Perspective-Taking, Relationship Maintenance, Behavioral Control/Teaching/Problem-Solving, Emotion Regulation, and Self) model that demonstrated invariance across time, gender, and ethnicity/race. Provisional evidence showed that the Conversation and Behavioral Control/Teaching/Problem-Solving functions were used differentially across Caucasian and African-American/Black groups. Implications, limitations, and future directions are discussed.

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