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Open Access Thesis

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January 2012

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Arthur Suits


We present an investigation of the reaction dynamics of Cl radicals with

Butane using crossed molecular beams, at two collision energies: ~ 6.5 and 9 kcal/mol. The product butyl radical was ionized using a 157 nm probe laser, and detection was through a dc slice detection setup. The translational energy distributions looked similar for both collision energies. The angular distribution shows that at the high collision energy there is a sharp increase in the forward scattering. At low collision energy there is more backscattering. The results show that the different scattering angles give different translational energy distribution. The forward scattered peaks at approximately 85% of the collision energy, with a different distribution for each collision energies. The sideways-scattered product shows a broader distribution and the lowest average fractional translational energy. The back-scattered product showed the broadest distribution, the least dependence on collision energy and a higher fraction of total energy showing up in translational energy.

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Chemistry Commons