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Open Access Thesis

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January 2012

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Boris B. Baltes


Researchers are only beginning to understand how leadership types affect important organizational outcomes at the individual level. Specifically, as a leading theoretical model, multifactor leadership theory has been used as a framework to study various organizational phenomena. However, researchers have largely examined leadership types in isolation, failing to explicitly acknowledge that leaders can and often do enact varying levels of multiple leadership types. The current thesis suggests that leaders demonstrate a profile made up of different types of leadership and proposes four specific leader profiles. This thesis also aimed to determine the conditions under which leadership profile types affect follower deviance. It was found that passivity-oriented leadership led to significantly more frequent follower deviance than transformational-oriented leadership. Moreover, confirmatory factor analysis confirmed a revised typology. Lastly, organizational identification was not found to be a moderating variable, although its main effects explained variance in follower deviance.