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Open Access Thesis

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January 2012

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Computer Science

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Weisong Shi


With the advent of cloud computing, scalable resource utilization has become the ultimate reality. The energy consumption in a data center hosting cloud yields many serious issues including carbon emissions and system reliability. Therefore energy efficiency plays a crucial role in reducing the energy consumption and operation cost of data center hosting millions of application per day. This paper presents a power aware scheduler-PASCAL on EUCALYTPTUS framework to provide an energy efficient heterogeneous cloud environment.In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the PASCAL we compare it with the other schedulers of EUCALYPTUS framework using two benchmark applications- TPCW and BSseeker. The experimental result shows that PASCAL is 80% more energy efficient thangreedy and roundrobin scheduler respectively when running mix2 of TPCW benchmark. Also PASCAL is 10 times more energy efficient than greedy and roundrobin scheduler when running BS-seeker benchmark.