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Open Access Thesis

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January 2011

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John L. Woodard


Several sets of neuropathological criteria have been used for the postmortem diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease (AD), but few studies have examined these criteria in the oldest old. For this study, we examined a sample of centenarians, all of whom received AD assessments using four different neuropathological criteria: Khachaturian, Braak and Braak, CERAD, and NIA-R. Findings indicate that NIA-R criteria differed significantly from CERAD and Khachaturian criteria. In addition, NIA-R and CERAD criteria predicted performance on the MMSE and three FOME indices; Braak and Braak criteria predicted performance on the MMSE and one FOME index. Finally, we examined the relationship between NIA-R severity rating and the presence or absence of neuropsychological impairment. We found that neuropathological severity was not significantly related to impairment for any neuropsychological or functional measure.