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Urban Health: A Practical Application for Clinical Based Learning is an openly licensed, peer-reviewed textbook for clinical-based nursing educators covering barriers in urban health and their impact on patient health outcomes. The authors explore perspectives of urban communities, urban patients, and urban healthcare providers to offer insight into how healthcare providers can address disparities in urban healthcare, provide meaningful care with the lived experiences of urban patients in mind, and improve patient-provider communication by moving towards a more solution-driven, team-based care approach. Features include learning activities, exemplars, and case studies.



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Wayne State University Library System


Detroit, MI


Medical Education | Medical Humanities | Medicine and Health | Public Health and Community Nursing


© 2022 Cynthera McNeill, Umeika Stephens and Tara Walker. Except in the specific instances detailed below, this textbook is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 (CC-BY-NC 4.0) International license (, by which users are free to share and adapt the material herein provided the use is not for commercial purposes, users give appropriate credit, and users provide a link to the license and indicate if changes were made.

Foreword by Laurie M. Lauzon Clabo

With contributions from Angela Allen, Wilfred Allen, Katrina Belcher-Hobson, Angela Bowman, Christopher A. Covington, Nancy M. George, Wanda Gibson-Scipio, Raenita Glover, Lauren A. Krist, Roszetta Mcneill, Shiba Nixon, and Jacqueline Roman.

The following incorporated third-party material may also be included in any reuse of this material under the specific licenses indicated (users should preserve the specific credit language below):

Cover image: Detroit Streets by Evan Mach,, used under the Unsplash license (

Illustration (“Good, Cheap, Fast”):, by “D K”, licensed under CC-BY-NC-2.0 (, cropped and de-skewed.

The following incorporated third-party material is used by explicit permission and can not be included in any reuse of this material (users are encouraged to seek explicit permission, or they must remove this material from downstream uses of the textbook):

Figures 3 through 8: Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, The State of the Nation’s Housing 2020, All rights reserved, used by permission.

Figure 10: Compton, M. T., & Shim, R. S. (2015). The social determinants of mental health. FOCUS 13(4), 419-425. Reprinted with permission from FOCUS, ©2015 American Psychiatric Association. All rights reserved.

Ray, R., Morgan, J. F., Wileden, L., Elizondo, S., & Wiley-Yancy, D. (2021, March 2). Examining and addressing COVID-19 racial disparities in Detroit [Report]. The Brookings Institution. Used by permission.

Funding for this textbook was provided by the Wayne State University Office of the President, and assistance in preparing the final manuscript for publication was provided by Wayne State University School of Information Sciences graduate student assistant Kelsey Walker.

Urban Health: A Practical Application for Clinical Based Learning