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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2014

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Nutrition and Food Science

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Diane C. Cabelof


Folate is an essential nutrient for human. They carry and transfer one carbon units. They has important biological functions during many reactions, like DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis, DNA methylation, DNA repair, cell division and growth. Through biochemical techniques to determine the gene expression, enzyme activity, uracil level in DNA, and through microbiological assay to determine the folate level, elucidates mechanism of uracil accumulation response to folate depletion. The findings present folate deficiency status affects the uracil DNA glycosylase activity, and uracil initiated DNA base excising repair. DNA repair ability decide whether there is uracil accumulation under the folate depletion condition in different cell lines. Further, there is uracil accumulation in the mice colon tissue found under the aging condition.

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Nutrition Commons