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January 2014

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Counselor Education

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Joann Holbert


The direct care worker occupation is a very fast and growing workforce. In fact, by the year 2016, it is estimated that it might be the largest workforce in the country. With the rapid growth come difficulties. One of those difficulties is a high turn over rate. Research shows that people that are resilient stay longer at a job versus those who are not resilient. Is there a relationship between resilience and job satisfaction? This research sought to determine if a relationship existed. The research delved into a particular field, traumatic brain injury. This research study attempted to determine if a relationship existed between resilience and job satisfaction amongst direct care workers who work with traumatic brain injury clients. The goal of the study was to uncover valuable information about any given relationship found that would aide in decreasing the high turn over in the field. Statistical analysis determined that there was no relationship between job satisfaction and resilience. However, small sample size and other limitations may be have contributed to the outcome. Therefore, further research should be conducted with a larger sample size, more agencies and with a multi-state approach.

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