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Richard D. Miles


This study is an attempt to utilize the popular newspaper and pamphlet press to trace the growing estrangement between the monarch and his subjects before July, 1776. At what point did Americans abandon their hope in George III? What factors contributed to their final conclusion that the responsibility for the estrangement of the colonies from the mother country wets the king’s? Because of the vast amount of available material and also because of the widespread reprinting of newspaper articles and pamphlets, the writer has limited his study to the press of one colony, Pennsylvania. He has examined most of the published materials—broadsides, newspapers, and pamphlets—produced there between I760 and 1776. The study also includes those pamphlets originally published outside the province but reprinted in Pennsylvania in the period under consideration and certain other non-Pennsylvania pamphlets directly relevant to the person of George III. Approximately two hundred of the nine hundred pamphlets and broadsides read had information relevant to the topic under consideration. Many of the pamphlets and broadsides which were not used dealt solely with religious or provincial affairs.