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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2013

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Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

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Guangzhao Mao


This dissertation focuses on generating the inorganic nanoparticle/organic nanorod hybrid nanostructures by the strategy of nanoparticle induced molecular crystallization developed by us and the new electrochemical method. We synthesize the gold nanoparticles with different sizes and functional groups and then fabricate the nanohybrids with fatty acid nanorods by spin coating method. Atomic force microscope monitors the topography of the hybrid nanostructures to help understand the underlying mechanism of the crystallization process. This successful self-assembled method could be used to fabricate nanohybrids based on seed-mediated nucleation. Also the novel "nano-flasks" have been generated by particle lithography method, which could be served for nanoconfining drug crystals and be used in high throughput screening applications.