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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2013

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Instructional Technology

First Advisor

Monica W. Tracey


This study utilized a multi-case, bounded case, single-site case study research design to examine how well instructional designers perceive themselves able to practice ID in health care industries. Questions central to this study focused on how instructional designers perceive their preparation to practice, usefulness of professional development organizations or affiliations in which they participated while practicing ID, both academic and non-academic curricula, and utilization of ID practices when designing and developing ID projects in health care environments.

The site selected for this study was a teaching hospital in Southeast Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. Sampling size was limited to five instructional designers who had been working in the health care environment. Using a case study approach, convenient sampling was utilized to obtain detailed information about the experiences of instructional designers in the health care sector. Upon completion of interviews, participants had the opportunity to show completed work projects and were provided an opportunity to reflect on ID practice via journal entries over a two week time period. The constant comparative method was utilized for data analysis whereby a within - case analysis was conducted followed by a cross case analysis. Findings of this research showed that participants felt well prepared to practice ID in their respective health care environment and offered a variety of ways in which an instructional designer can explore the field of health care, how academic program administrators can collaborate with health care organizations to provide ID opportunities for students, and ways in which health care administrators can explore additional learning opportunities for their ID employees.