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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2013

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Management and Information Systems

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Attila Yaprak


This dissertation adds to what we know about the effects of Market Orientation and Organizational Learning on Positional Advantage and on Organizational Outcomes by introducing the concept of Absorptive Capacity from the management literature. Though each is related to organizational learning, market orientation and absorptive ca-pacity have not been presented together in a structural model with organizational learning as a higher order construct. In this paper, I bring Market Orientation and Absorptive Ca-pacity together as higher-order constructs indicating Organizational Learning as a third order construct. Organizational Learning in turn indicates Positional Advantage as a fourth order construct, which also is indicated by Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship. Positional Advantage in the model also predicts Organizational Performance, measured by managers' perceptions of Sales Growth, Market Share Growth, and Market Position. Further, I investigate the impact of Turbulence on these relationships. The link between Organizational Learning and Market Orientation increases as Market Turbulence increas-es. The link between Organizational Learning and Absorptive Capacity increases as Technological Turbulence increases. Neither form of Turbulence had any effect on the relationship of Organizational Learning to Positional Advantage.

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