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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2012

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Education Evaluation and Research

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This dissertation details the use of the Program Evaluations Metaevaluation Checklist (PEMC), Stufflebeam, 1999, which is for performing final, summative metaevaluations. It is organized according to the Joint Committee Program Evaluation Standards. For each of the 30 standards the checklist includes 6 checkpoints drawn from the substance of the standard. It reports the use of the PEMC in evaluating the use of So, How Are We Doing? A MiBLSi Evaluation Study. The study shows that the PEMC could be a functional tool for a metaevaluation if modified for a specific evaluation. The results of the Kruskal- Wallis one way analysis shows the H test found no differences among the domains (NS). The Cronbach's alpha (CA) test for internal consistency results show that item deletion via reanalysis of CA (meaning if the item is deleted the reliability increases,) and 26 standards were retained to conduct the CA and the value obtained was .600.