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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2012

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Curriculum and Instruction

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Navaz Bhavnagri


The purpose of this proposed study will be to examine the relationship between faculty's pedagogical content knowledge and the design of online curriculum to teach students about diversity in a higher education environment. One hundred twenty-seven faculty teaching online courses at a Midwestern state will be selected on non-random sampling to participate in this study. Two main measures will be used to collected data: (1) Faculty Demographic and Background Survey, and (2) Diversity Teaching survey. The Diversity Teaching Survey was broken into 3 subscales that will examine the following: (1) Faculty's Pedagogical Knowledge and Skills, (2) Online Curriculum Design, and (3) Students' Learning about Diversity within the faculty's subject matter.

A non-experimental, static group design, which consisted of various continuous variable analyses, to examine the relationship between the independent and dependent variables through the use of multiple regression analysis will be used to investigate three research hypotheses of this study.