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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2012

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Instructional Technology

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Ingrid J. Guerra-Lopez


The purpose of this research was to examine a case study by evaluating performance outcomes of a technology change management initiative in a health care organization. This study was developed with an array of issues surrounding change management programs with technology platforms, the management of complex change and the amount of criticism that became the impetus behind the implementation of the Electronic Health Records Management Systems (EHRMS) across the healthcare industry and its long-term transformative effects. Despite recognition that user response largely determined the success of a technology implementation or change management program and the fact significant resources are spent on strategic programs to promote acceptance, there was very little research in terms of evaluating performance outcomes which make a change management program more successful in health care settings.

The study was challenging and the findings were inconclusive for the research questions. However, the qualitative data gathered from the comments/recommendations section of the eCare Research Survey provided additional information in great detail concerning the research topic. The capture of detailed opinions, attitudes, beliefs and comments/recommendations expressed by the respondents provided suggestions for revisions of the eCare change management program. This qualitative data also provided implications for future research in the field of change management.