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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2022

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Management and Information Systems

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Attila Yaprak


Identity is an important predictor in consumer behavior; but marketing managers’ understanding of global identity is limited. This dissertation develops a more comprehensive conceptualization of the construct of global identity than those currently proposed in the literature. Anchored in identity and social identity theories, this work develops a multidimensional scale for measuring global identity, and validates this scale across two cultural environments, Turkey and the United States. This new scale is composed of four dimensions that explain the domain of global identity, three of which are comprised of two sub-dimensions. This work shows that these converge into a third-order global identity factor and helps us understand consumers that identify with a global community in more detail and granularity than scales currently available in the literature.

The second part of this dissertation explores consumers’ reactions to corporate wrongdoings from the perspective of the mediation effects of brand globalness on consumers’ retaliatory intentions through emotions, which is moderated by consumer moral identity. Findings show that condemning emotions (contempt, anger, disgust) mediate the relationship between brand globalness and consumers’ retaliatory intentions (negative word of mouth and boycotting intentions) and these effects are all contingent on consumers’ moral identity where consumers with stronger moral identity differ less in their condemning emotions towards the local and global brands. Consumers with weaker moral identity differ more in their condemning emotions towards the local and global brands. This research is an important contribution to the international marketing literature as it explores the dynamics in which consumers respond to brand moral wrongdoings and lays the groundwork for the newly developed global identity scale to be integrated into an experimental setting.

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