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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2022

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Physics and Astronomy

First Advisor

Alexey Petrov


I calculated non-perturbative processes to study the Standard Model and probe areas of new physics. I found that invisible decays of heavy mesons are not dominated by the leading order contribution in the Standard Model. I argue that this affects neutrino mass constraints and avenues for discovering new physics, such as dark photons. In addition to this, I used a novel approach to approximate a semileptonic form factor with an artificial neural network (ANN). Comparing the results from the ANN to common phenomenological parameterizations, and using it to set a lower bound constraint on the CKM matrix element, $V_{cd}$. Finally, I studied lepton flavor violating processes in electron-positron collisions. I argue that if the new physics scale is above 1 TeV, then the SM background for this process is incredibly tiny, and the discovery of new physics is highly probable. However, there is currently no experimental sensitivity for this process. In most of my works, more precise experimental measurements are required to determine the existence of new physics.