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Social Work

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Anna Santiago


This explanatory research study is a secondary data analysis of the restricted release version of the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being (NSCAW) data. Only children from the CPS sample were used and included only children who were 48 months or younger at the time of the initial survey (N=1,582). At the time of the initial survey, only the caregivers of 406 children were able to complete the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL)/2-3 because of age restrictions for that particular measure. Therefore, a subsample of 406 children with CBCL scores at Wave 1 and Wave 4 was extracted from the original sample of 1,582. Overall, children in both the full and subsample had CBCL internalizing and externalizing behavior scores almost twice as high as the general population of children in the same age ranges. Hierarchical linear regression was employed to test the relative influence of placement and maltreatment histories on children's emotional and behavioral outcomes.

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