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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2020

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Physics and Astronomy

First Advisor

Giovanni Bonvicini


The first experimental evidence of large angle beamstrahlung at SuperKEKB is discussed in this Thesis. Beamstrahlung is the tn radiation emitted by particles belonging to one beam when they are accelerated transversely by the electro-magnetic field of the other beam. The properties of the radiation are related to the beam interaction topologyand can be used to optimize the beam-beam collision. This, in turn, makes the machine’s luminosity, and therefore the number of produced events, higher. A device entirely built at WSU, the Large Angle Beamstrahlung Monitor, or LABM, has been deployed in the SuperKEKB accelerator since 2015. A five Institutions collaboration (other members have built the electronics, Data Acquisition, and Beam Pipe fittings) operates it continuously. In this Thesis the device and its operation are described in detail. The observation of large angle beamstrahlung was made possible by a series of data analysis advances, which will ensure continuous data taking for beam monitoring as early as the Fall Run 2020.