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Open Access Dissertation

Date of Award

January 2020

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Yang Zhao


3D printing has become a useful and transformative method and has applications in many different fields, including organ printing, aerospace applications, and medical devices. With higher resolution, faster production speed, and more design flexibility, 3D printing technologies can lead to more novel devices and systems. In this research, two new techniques have been developed to enable 3D printing technologies for artificial compound eye system and penetrating glassy carbon neural electrode array.

This work focuses on developing new applications based on the SLA 3D printing process, which uses the liquid resin to create a solid 3D structure. The limitation of SLA 3D printing was addressed by integrating synergistic techniques into the two new approaches. The first one is the application of SLA 3D printing technology together with a polymer filling process for lenses to fabricate 3D structures that mimic an artificial compound eye system. The second work is the application of DLP 3D printing technology together with a pyrolysis process to fabricate the penetrating electrical-conducting carbon neural probes arrays.