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January 2019

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Education Evaluation and Research

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Shlomo . Sawilowsky


This study used Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) to investigate the reliability and validity of an Evaluation Capacity Assessment Instrument (ECAI) for principals of K-12 public schools in Michigan. The ECAI was then used to investigate whether scores between principals of high poverty schools and low poverty schools were significantly different. The ECAI was administered to 121 principals across Michigan. Based on the results of the CFA, evidence of fit to the a priori model was not established but internal consistency statistics provide some reliability evidence. A Principle Components Analysis (PCA) was conducted and factor loadings were examined. Some groups of ECAI items loaded onto the a priori factors of the model while others did not. The scores between principals of high poverty and low poverty schools were not significantly different however, as model fit was not established, questions regarding the model and questions regarding any significant difference between the two poverty groups remain additional topics for further research.