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Open Access Dissertation

Date of Award

January 2019

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Materials Engineering

First Advisor

Simon Ng

Second Advisor

Mark Cheng


Firstly, TiN nanotube arrays have been investigated as an effective skeleton in the cathode of lithium-sulfur batteries. A series of TiN nanotubes with various diameter and length have been synthesized and tested. Moreover, graphene nanoplatelets have been utilized as a structural anchor to support the TiN nanotubes, and the synergetic effect of composite material and its enhancement on Li-S battery electrochemical performance and cycling stability have been studied. Secondly, the improvement of electrode structural design has been evaluated for their effectiveness by using an in-situ characterization method with other electrochemical characterization. Lastly, the facile method of using transition metal cations as the electrolyte additive has been proven to be capable of protecting lithium metal anode effectively.

As a summary, the result of the research could result in a more rational design of novel lithium-sulfur batteries with high performance. It serves as an alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries, rendering more practical to large-scale production of electric automotive with lower cost and wider application of digital electronics.