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January 2019

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Marcus W. Dickson


Contextual factors that influence leader behaviors, and the extent to which they foster leader effectiveness, have been a key issue for organizational researchers. However, the research has primarily been focused at the micro- and meso-levels, to the exclusion of macro-level contextual factors. As globalization continues to accelerate the interconnectedness of organizations, the need to understand how macro-level factors such as culture influence leader behaviors and their effectiveness has grown. The present research addresses this gap in the literature in two ways. First, I examined the influence of cultural dimensions on leader behaviors. Second, I explore whether culturally shared leadership preferences influence the extent to which leader behaviors are perceived as effective. The results suggest that culture does not directly influence the leader behaviors examined. However, culturally-shared leadership preferences do influence the extent to which leader behaviors are effective in certain circumstances. Implications for practice and theory are outlined.