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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2018

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Wen Li


Electron-ion coincidence measurements in combination with 3-dimensional (3D) momentum imaging can provide comprehensive 3D-momentum information to unravel multichannel photoionization/dissociation processes, and thus is an effective tool to investigate atomic/molecular dynamics. A camera-based 3D coincidence momentum imaging system and the velocity mapping imaging (VMI) based machine were introduced in Chapter 2. Studies of strong field dissociative single and double ionization of relatively large molecules camphor and 2-phenylethyl-N, N-dimethylamine (PENNA) were carried out and illustrated in Chapter 3. We demonstrated the main products of double ionization of PENNA were singlet diradicals. In Chapter 4, a novel angle resolved-photoemission spectroscopy based on VMI apparatus was demonstrated. We employed this method to study multiphoton photoemission in thin metal films (Al and Cu), and hot carrier decay dynamics in graphene, in which unprecedented long hot carrier decay dynamics were observed (> 1 ns).