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Open Access Dissertation

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Computer Science

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weisong shi


The proliferation of Internet of Things and the success of rich cloud services have pushed the

horizon of a new computing paradigm, Edge computing, which calls for processing the data at

the edge of the network. Applications such as cloud offloading, smart home, and smart city

are idea area for Edge computing to achieve better performance than cloud computing. Edge

computing has the potential to address the concerns of response time requirement, battery life

constraint, bandwidth cost saving, as well as data safety and privacy.

However, there are still some challenges for applying Edge computing in our daily life. The

missing of the specialized operating system for Edge computing is holding back the flourish of

Edge computing applications. Service management, device management, component selection

as well as data privacy and security is also not well supported yet in the current computing


To address the challenges for Edge computing systems and applications in these aspects, we

have planned a series of empirical and theoretical research. We propose SOFIE: Smart Operating

System For Internet Of Everything. SOFIE is the operating system specialized for Edge

computing running on the Edge gateway. SOFIE could establish and maintain a reliable connection

between cloud and Edge device to handle the data transportation between gateway and

Edge devices; to provide service management and data management for Edge applications; to

protect data privacy and security for Edge users; to guarantee the wellness of the Edge devices.

Moreover, SOFIE also provide a naming mechanism to connect Edge device more efficiently.

To solve the component selection problem in Edge computing paradigm, SOFIE also include

our previous work, SURF, as a model to optimize the performance of the system. Finally,

we deployed the design of SOFIE on an IoT/M2M system and support semantics with access