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Open Access Dissertation

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Physics and Astronomy

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Alexey A. Petrov


After discussion of the theoretical aspects of the Standard Model we point out experimental observations that can not be answered within its framework. Methods for the inderect detection of the heavy (electroweak scale and above) and light New Physics particles are discussed. Study of the meson mixing in the $B_s$ system is proposed as the way to indirectly probe NP. We predict that New Physics contribution to the lifetime difference of $B_s$-$\bar{B}_s$ system can be dominant in certain scenarios. As an example of the way to detect the light New Physics we considered the Dark Matter production in the heavy meson decays. A comprehensive study of light Dark Matter production in heavy meson decays with missing energy $ \dslash E$ in the final state, such as $B_q (D^0)\to\dslash E$ and $B_q (D^0) \to \gamma \dslash E$ was provided. It was argued that such transitions can be studied at the current flavor factories (and future super-flavor factories) by tagging the missing-energy decays with $B(D^0)$ decays ``on the other side."