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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2018

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Special Education

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Susan L. Gabel


This study uses survey data to assess the influences of Common Core State Standards on teacher self-efficacy. Participants in this study included African-American teachers (who taught at least one special education student) from an online network that hosts approximately 153,000 members from across the United States. A convenience sample of 156 teachers participated in the survey, and 124 participants met criteria.

The survey included the Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale Survey. The survey was comprised of three subscales, which included Efficacy in Student Engagement, Efficacy in Instructional Strategy Practices, and Efficacy in Classroom Management. Demographic information was also collected.

A One-Way ANOVA Model was used to determine the effect of key variables, including years of teaching experience, grade level taught, and Common Core Professional Development, had on the primary outcome variable Teacher Self-efficacy.

Classroom Management and the Common Core Professional Development subscale significantly and negatively predicted Teacher Self-Efficacy, while other variables, such as Student Engagement and Instructional Practices, did not.

The findings of this study suggest that teachers may need additional professional development support in Classroom Management strategies as they are implementing Common Core.

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