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Open Access Dissertation

Date of Award

January 2018

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Computer Science

First Advisor

Hongwei Zhang

Second Advisor

Nathan Fisher


Wireless networks are increasingly being explored for mission-critical sensing and control in emerging domains such as connected and automated vehicles, Industrial 4.0, and smart city. In wireless networked sensing and control (WSC) systems, reliable and real- time delivery of sensed data plays a crucial role for the control decision since out-of-date information will often be irrelevant and even leads to negative effects to the system. Since WSC differs dramatically from the traditional real-time (RT) systems due to its wireless nature, new design objective and perspective are necessary to achieve real-time guarantees.

First, we proposed Optimal Node Activation Multiple Access (ONAMA) scheduling protocol that activates as many nodes as possible while ensuring transmission reliability (in terms of packets delivery ratio). We implemented and tested ONAMA on two testbeds both with 120+ sensor nodes.

Second, we proposed algorithms to address the problem of clustering heterogeneous reliability requirements into a limit set of service levels. Our solutions are optimal, and they also provide guaranteed reliability, which is critical for wireless sensing and control.

Third, we proposed a probabilistic real-time wireless communication framework that effectively integrates real-time scheduling theory with wireless communication. The per- packet probabilistic real-time QoS was formally modeled. By R3 mapping, the upper-layer requirement and the lower-layer link reliability are translated into the number of trans- mission opportunities needed. By optimal real-time communication scheduling as well as admission test and traffic period optimization, the system utilization is maximized while the schedulability is maintained.

Finally, we further investigated the problem of how to minimize delay variation (i.e., jitter) while ensuring that packets are delivered by their deadlines.