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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2017

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Instructional Technology

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Ingrid Guerra-Lopez


*The value proposition for learning and talent development (LTD) is often challenged due to human resources’ inability to demonstrate meaningful outcomes in relation to organizational needs and return-on-investment. The primary role of human resources (HR) and the learning and talent development (LTD) function is to produce meaningful outcomes to support organizational change, performance improvement and organizational impact.

This study proposes an empirically-based descriptive process model to align LTD performance outcomes with organizational objectives. This study builds on the knowledge base of previous studies and seeks to enhance the application of research and theory. This study supports multidisciplinary knowledge enhancement and supports integrated and collaborative approaches to human resources development and its subsequent individual performance improvement thereby improving organizational performance and impact. While a qualitative action research method was used to develop the model, a quantitative comparative design was used to analyze the implementation and effectiveness of the model. A department comprised of 1,254 employees, across six department divisions and three employee hierarchical groups were sampled. Documentation was collected and evaluated electronically. To answer the three research questions, a 2 x 2 Chi-square test and analysis was performed. The findings of the current study indicated that process model implementation by the department, employee level and by division, and goal cascading and alignment was significantly higher for employees who participated in process implementation training than with employees who did not participate in process implementation training. There was no significant difference in timely submission of process implementation documentation and process training.