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Materials Engineering

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Zhiqiang Cao


Based on the superior anti-fouling property, the zwitterionic materials had great potential in applications such as medical implants, medical device coating, and marine coating industry. This thesis will focus on the applications of zwitterionic materials in stabilizing carbon nanoparticles, as implantable devices and durable coating on medical devices for long-term anti-microbial purposes. Chapter 2 of the thesis will discuss a simple method to synthesis carbon nanoparticles stabilized by zwitterionic polymers. Chapter 3 of the thesis reports the use of zwitterionic hydrogel to encapsulate islet of Langerhans to treat Type 1 diabetes. In Chapter 4 and 5, several methods were developed to improve the stability and durability of zwitterionic anti-fouling coating. The improved coatings were able to address the notorious biofilm issue on medical devices by resisting the bacteria adhesion for a long term in highly concentrated bacteria culture media. These works greatly extend the applicability of zwitterionic materials for long-term anti-fouling purposes.

Available for download on Sunday, November 22, 2020