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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2017

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James L. Cherney


The specific objective of this project is to elaborate general rhetorical resources and strategies that can allow for ADHDers to both cultivate/reclaim a positive sense of self in the face of multiple forms of stigmatizing discourse and begin the process of challenging that discourse. Working from a disability studies perspective, I identify both challenges and opportunities to develop a positive sense of self through the examination of nostalgia in ADHD discourse, polysemic ADHD medical discourse, and the use of counternarratives as a resource to reframe stigmatizing master narratives. This project concludes by emphasizing that those with what I identify as contested disabilities – those like ADHD that some argue as to whether they should be considered “legitimate” disabilities – can utilize a similar process of analyzing master narratives to determine strengths and weaknesses to strategically construct counternarratives. While each contested disability will have to address unique discursive/narrative challenges, this project provides an example of how that process can occur through the examination of ADHD.

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