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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2017

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Management and Information Systems

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Attila Yaprak


The role of the individual in relation to a collective has been an influential research topic in various scientific fields, including psychology, sociology, marketing, and international business. Despite this popularity, scholars have not yet reached consensus regarding how (unidimensional, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional) or at what level (individual level or culture level) this relationship should be studied. Resting on this epistemological debate, the goal of this dissertation is to provide scholars and practitioners in the marketing and international business fields with a valid and reliable research instrument that will allow the study of this relationship in consumption settings. Specifically in this dissertation, we develop and cross-culturally validate a scale that measures consumer self-construals (idiocentric, relational, or allocentric) in consumption settings through four studies based on data collected from university students.

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