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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2017

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Management and Information Systems

First Advisor

Amanuel G. Tekleab


The main objectives of this dissertation were to examine the main and interactive effects of intrateam and interteam trust on organizational outcomes at individual, team and organizational levels. Also, this dissertation sought to examine the mechanisms (team processes: team behavioral integration, team psychological safety, team reflexivity, and team learning) through which intrateam and interteam trust elicit organizational outcomes. Moreover, this dissertation also sought to uncover if value congruence and team feedback seeking behavior in teams moderate the effect of intrateam trust on the team processes.

Hypotheses were tested using data collected from a sample of 282 team members nested under 78 teams and 23 branches from a major bank in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at two different time points. The results showed that intrateam trust has a significant effect on employees’ job satisfaction and job engagement at both individual and team levels. Interteam trust was also found to have a significant effect on individual and unit level performance. In addition, this dissertation also showed that team processes were important mediators of the effect of intrateam trust on organizational outcomes. Contrary to the hypotheses, however, the results showed that intrateam trust had no significant effect on performance at individual, team, and unit levels. Neither did team reflexivity, team behavioral integration, and team learning mediate the relationship between interteam trust and outcomes. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.