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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2017

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Educational Psychology

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Cheryl Somers


The purpose of this study was to examine the unique and combined contributions of a variety of contextual variables and intrapersonal variables that influence academic achievement in middle school within a contextual framework. The contextual variables included parent support for learning, teacher support for learning and peer support for learning. Intrapersonal variables included metacognition and behavioral engagement, and student organizational behaviors. Participants were 200 students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades from a suburban school district in Michigan. The intrapersonal variables were found to explain a significant portion of variance in academic achievement. The main contributor in explaining the variance was behavioral engagement, not metacognition as hypothesized. In testing for moderation effects of the intrapersonal variables in the relationship between the contextual variables and academic achievement, only metacognition was found to moderate the relationship between peer support and academic achievement. Implications are discussed for helping students increase engagement.