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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2017

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Special Education

First Advisor

Gerald Oglan

Second Advisor

Eruka Bocknek


The voices of families with children identified as EBD needed to be heard. This dissertation study allowed those families to express their joys, needs and concerns. Included with the voices of families are the voices of educators that are teaching a struggling population of children and usually in an inclusive classroom.

This dissertation study was qualitatively driven and employed an ethnographic process with a case study format. Data was viewed in a naturalistic style to preserve the voices of the subjects.

Conclusions supported from the study were the need for more effective communication training provided educators and administrators. Educators need to have a more effective format to disseminate information to parents, guardians and teachers on the availability of resources provided by districts. Districts need to address the possibility of a redistribution of resources to provide parents support when districts follow the traditional farm calendar.

I believe these findings will support families and educators that work with some of our most challenging students by strengthening the home-school connection and impact the outcome for children, parents and educators.