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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2016

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Colin Baker

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Pradeep Sopory


Applying the theories of transformational leadership and distributive leadership and drawing from diffusion of innovations, this work posits that transformational leaders are successful in transferring vision and subsequently transforming the organization by enacting their communication both systematically and interpersonally. From a system level perspective, transformational leaders in executive leadership roles direct their communicative attention to the key influencers in the organization. They expend their time and effort on an interpersonal level ensuring these individuals are infused with the vision of the organization, understand it, develop the skills necessary to contribute to its achievement, and are equipped and motivated to transfer the vision to others. Concurrently, transformational leaders inspire the masses using charismatic, persuasive communication strategies. This work employs a survey based study to extrapolate at the individual level the direction, source, content, and outcomes of leaders’ vision related communication and the centrality of subsidiary top leaders in the flow of vision related messages through the organization. This work extends the fields of communication and leadership both theoretically and pragmatically. Theoretically, it adds to our understanding of transformational leadership by explicating the area where transformational leadership and charismatic leadership