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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2016

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Instructional Technology

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Ingrid Guerra-Lopez


The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between specific organizational cultural factors (autonomy and meaningful work), intrinsic motivation, and employee performance through a systematic review and meta-analysis. Three separate studies were performed, one for each predictor variable: autonomy, meaningful work, and organizational culture/climate. The meta-analyses included only studies that contained correlations for all three variables and were set in a business environment. The first study concluded that autonomy is a predictor of performance; this relationship is partially mediated through intrinsic motivation. The second study concluded that meaningful work is a predictor of performance. The third study was conducted for comparative purposes only and no solid conclusions could be drawn from this study. The data sets for studies two and three were small, which led to some problematic results and the use of caution when interpreting them. The overall study helped to provide another method for practitioners to assist organizations in increasing intrinsic motivation and performance of employees by having organizational cultures that support the autonomy of employees. This study uncovered several additional suggestions for further research, including more empirical research into the main variables of the study.