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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2016

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Frances Ranney


This project argues that spreadable media texts motivate people to engage in compositional activities advocated in First Year Composition (FYC). Drawing on Henry Jenkins’ assertion that participatory culture offers potential for learning, I use his list of eleven participatory culture skills that he believed necessary for all students. After showing how well the Participatory Culture Abilities (PCAs) align with the WPA Outcomes Statement (WPA OS), I put forth the WPA OS and the PCAs combined as a lens through which to view three spreadable media case studies: Spreadable Media Events, Fan Labor, and Alternate Reality Games. Based on my findings, I conclude that we should incorporate Spreadable Media and Participatory Design pedagogy into the composition classroom, which will lead to innovative pedagogical practices that foster agency and engagement in students towards their writing. It will inform and facilitate the achievement of the Writing Program Administrators’ outcomes; and it will support the learning of a set of participatory culture abilities that will help students to become conscious, responsible and empowered users of their rhetorical power in digital environments.

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