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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2016

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Boris B. Baltes


Profile matching refers to personnel selection based on candidate similarity to a pre-determined pattern. Although previous investigations support the use of personality data through univariate, linear-based selection methodologies, there is a paucity of research supporting the use of profile matching in a selection context, and very limited selection research has utilized a person-centered approach. Still, this support is necessary, given that a recent study estimated that the majority of consultative vendor organizations utilize some form of profile matching using personality patterns (Kulas, 2013). After generating profiles from the candidate pool, findings from the current study suggest that profiles have potential to offer predictive power beyond that of general mental ability for one organizational outcome, tenure. The results predicting job performance by profile were not supported. The current study further investigates the feasibility of profile generation based on an organization’s values and mission, to be used to assess fit for the purpose of selection. The use of person- and variable-centered approaches in understanding phenomenon is encouraged. Implications and future research are discussed.

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Psychology Commons