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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2016

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Curriculum and Instruction

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Kathryn L. Roberts


This mixed-methods research study examines the influence of cultural mismatches on minority parents’ involvement in their children's education. Particularly, how Saudi families in the United States perceive their role in their children’s education in American elementary schools. Data were collected from 212 completed self-administered surveys and 20 Saudi mothers’ participation in four focus group interviews. Exploratory statistical analysis for the numerical data and qualitative template analysis for the raw data were utilized. Triangulation of the findings reveals great agreements with few areas of conflicts between the two data sets indicating that Saudi parents understanding of the way of being in the school culture is impacted by their home cultural practices. The survey data indicated a sufficient level of Saudi parents’ involvement. However, the focus group interviews revealed that Saudi parents have different beliefs and role expectations than mainstream schools; such conflict prevents parents from being effectively involved in their children’s learning. Implications of the research findings are discussed and future research topics are recommended.