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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2016

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Alyssa McGonagle


The current study examined two behaviors that are becoming increasing more popular: cyberloafing and mindfulness meditation through a coping lens. Cyberloafing, or personal internet usage, is a type of disengagement coping whereas mindfulness is proposed to be a type of engagement coping. Using a longitudinal data collection method, data was collected at three time points to investigate the mediational role of both cyberloafing and mindfulness on the role overload-work burnout relationship. A cross-lagged model, a supplemental path analysis model, and additional analyses were conducted to analyze the relationship between role overload, coping behaviors, and work burnout. The overall hypotheses were not supported by a cross-lagged model; however, supplemental analyses provided some support for the hypotheses. There was some evidence that mindfulness partially mediates the relationship between role overload and work burnout. Limitations, analysis decisions, and future directions are discussed.

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