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Open Access Dissertation

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January 2016

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Computer Science

First Advisor

Daniel Grosu


Virtualization technologies in cloud computing are ubiquitous throughout data centers around the world where providers consider operational costs and fast delivery guarantees for a variety of profitable services. These providers should consistently invoke measures for increasing the efficiencies of their virtualized services in a competitive environment where fast entry to market, technology advancement, and service price differentials separate sustaining providers from antiquated ones. Therefore, providers seeking further efficiencies and profit opportunities should consider how their resources are managed in virtual computing environments which leverage memory reclamation techniques, specifically page-sharing; motivating the design of new memory sharing-aware resource management algorithms. In this dissertation, we design families of offline and online sharing-aware algorithms for resource management in virtual computing environments and investigate their properties and relationships to various sharing models. Our contribution consists of the design of new online and approximation algorithms offering relevant performance guarantees and their applications to next-generation virtualization technologies.